Making the numbers work

Accountancy is more than just the reporting or the measurement of your financial information. No matter your business, without good financial practices you know it would be impossible to run or make the right decisions regarding your business.

At BHW, our team provides a full range of accountancy services, so if you need support with your processes, summarising business activities, or just interpreting financial information, contact us we are always more than happy to help.


Xero - Accounting Software

How we can help

At BHW, expect nothing less than the best, our team are experts in Xero as well as a number of other accounting software packages.  Whether you are looking to transition from one system to another or just upskill on your current platform, our experienced team will provide the training you need so you have all the information and guidelines on how to master your system.

Contact us today for a consultation to switch or learn.

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IRD Audits

How we can help

IRD claims and Investigators 
We are fully aware of all the protocols that may be mandatory when clients have to resolve disputes with an IRD claim and also are smart enough to deal with IRD investigators.

Audit insurance
We offer our clients audit insurance, which means an IRD audit or review in which the accounting costs are already covered up to a certain limit. This helps our clients with the peace of mind that they are dealing efficiently with IRD within limited already-paid-for costs and don’t have to face trouble with unexpected additional costs.

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Income Tax Returns

How we can help:

Overseas clients 
Our team of experts also work with clients who have overseas pension and investment portfolios. This form of tax return is usually a more complicated one from tax perspective.

We also offer advisory services to such clients over the tax treatments suitable for such investments and also ensure that they are accurately reflected in your tax return.

Tax returns 
We also take the responsibility of offering risk-free filing and help them do away with the hassle of tax return measurements.

Thorough analysis of tax returns ensures that the current amount of tax is available for profit allocation and saves the troubles of double taxation if handled correctly. So it is wise to have someone as support to assist you in making the right choices. So give us a call today – we would be happy to assist.

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Local & International Tax

How we can help

Whether you are in need of expert advice for a single transaction or on an ongoing basis, with our highly skilled professionals committed to your business’ welfare, we would be happy to assist you by providing guidance on the following issues:

  • Business Expansion 
  • Off-shore tax management 
  • New Start-up Companies 

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