Benchmarking and Ratio Analysis

It is important for businesses to know how well they are performing. Not only that, a systematic analysis of your competitors must also be conducted to know what position your company holds in the similar industry.

At BHW, we have the tools to perform ratio and benchmarking analysis to review the current position of your business and also forecast your growth using those statistics. Not only does it highlight the key metrics, but the insights help businesses to revision their strategies and goals if the results are somewhat unsatisfactory.

How we can help

  • We offer businesses a wide range of high-level performance reviews on key ratios and metrics that help drive profitability and bring value to the business.

  • We also provide consultancy to firms that are experiencing with new or updated accounting software to ensure accurate capture of accounting reports and financial data analysis to reach a benchmarking position.

  • We also offer training to project managers and senior board members of enterprises on budgeting, pricing, and project management procedures.

A consistent Benchmarking and ratio analysis is important, whether you are a SME or market leader. Let us help you – we have all the right instruments and statistical applications to provide you with clear analysis for both.