Growth Planning

Planning for organisational growth and sustaining it is not easy, but it is an essential aspect of every organisation. If you are considering expansion for your business, there are a number of questions that require comprehensive analysis that only an accounting advisory may answer.

How we can help:

Evaluate your future Business Plan
The first question you need to ask yourself is what are the ultimate goals that you want to accomplish, or where do you want to see your business in, let’s say, the next 10 years?

At BHW, we appraise your existing vision strategy and help you develop an effective roadmap for the future.

Ownership Structure and Risk Analysis
Now that you have a business plan in hand ready to go, we will help you in determining an ownership structure best suited for your goals. It is also important that you plan in advance for all the risks and uncertainties that the business may face and secure your wealth.

Analysis of Cash flows and Capital
An in-depth analysis of your cash flows and capital also needs to be taken into account before implementing business growth plans. We help you analyse whether your ability to grow will be restricted by the limitations of your capital or not. We also help you keep a note of your day-to-day expenses and liabilities such as in sales, inventory, purchases, etc. Moreover, we will also help you identify your cash flow needs and guide you with the best alternatives for raising capital to fund the expansion.

Help you cash opportunities
At BHW, we also provide optimal strategies to pursue potential market opportunities, such as key information on takeovers, mergers, and potential investors, to help you expand your business.