Virtual CFO

Think your enterprise is too small to require the services of a CFO? Think again!

The goal of Virtual CFO services is to take small businesses and turn them into great enterprises in a cost effective manner. With our advisory and consultations, we provide our clients the essential financial management resources to support their corporation’s requirements.

How we can help:

Our Virtual CFO services help small or medium-sized enterprises access specialist skills and gain experience.

We are more than just your typical accountants. With the aim to prepare accurate and timely financial reports, our expert set of accountants works across various domains such as:

  • Corporate governance

  • Strategic planning and forecasting

  • KPI management

  • Budgeting and cash flow management

  • Capital raising, both traditional methods and crowd funding

  • Tax advice, local and international

To be precise, the level of expertise and invaluable experience offered by BHW can’t simply be achieved by any single CFO. 

Proactive approach

Our virtual CFO model is not just a model, it is a promise that your corporation will have a supportive and committed team looking after you and your business needs 24/7.

We aim to make sure that your business reaches its full potential in terms of development and growth.

Offering you nothing less than the best, call us today for consultations and queries.