Business Ownership & Debt Structuring

Planning to expand, refinance, or raise capital? Looking to maximise tax efficiency and protect assets? Or are you starting up a new company and in search for the best corporate structure advice?

With a large number of structures such as partnerships, trusts, enterprises, joint ventures, limited partnerships, sole traders, etc, each requires expert advice and decision making when it comes to business ownership and debt structuring issues.

How we can help

It is important that businesses know what corporate and debt structure suits them best and also the differences between each when building the foundations of a newly established company. This is exactly what we do.

Business ownership
At BHW, we can help you create a roadmap for your corporate decision and provide advice on the various aspects involved. This means we help cater to your business’ customised needs to navigate your business towards success and growth.

The set of services also accessible includes:

  • Valuation coordination

  • Business Succession Planning

  • Business Growth Consultancy

  • Pre-transaction planning for the sale of a business

  • Posy-transaction planning for the sale of a business

  • Entity Ownership Structuring

Debt Structuring
Our debt advisory team focuses on guiding the stakeholders and management teams regarding myriad debt structures to capitalize the value of businesses with strategic goals and practices in the most suitable way. We also provide advice on relationships between different partnerships, joint ventures, clients, and their stakeholders, etc to guarantee only the best and most effective solutions are provided.