Company Office Formation & Ongoing Compliance

We believe that start-up businesses require the most assistance and consultation as they are new to the industry and obviously trying to mark their territory. We have been involved with such clients for many years now and it is this experience that makes us one of the most trustworthy names in our industry.

How we can help

  • The start-up phase is the most crucial stage for any business. This is why we provide guidance and advice from day one in relation to the right structure for your business to ensure that all the relevant issues and resources of the entity are taken excellent care of.

  • Our expertise lies in dealing with company offices that have been established as a limited liability company and are in search of professional consultancy firms to set up pertinent IRD tax structures. We seek to attain full understanding of the company‚Äôs office regulatory requisites to make certain that you are kept in compliance.

  • At BHW, we understand the various requirements for proper documentation and updates; information of transfers and changes in human resource is pivotal which is why we oversee a hassle-free path for you under relevant legislation.