IRD Relationship Management

I feel uncomfortable dealing with the IRD? What should I do?

IRD relationship management is a frustrating, time-consuming and expensive procedure. Communicating with the Inland Revenue Department is often a complicated dialogue and most clients feel uncomfortable doing it.

How we can help

We understand how important a good IRD relationship is for you. This is why we make sure that when our clients consult us for this, we are qualified to represent them on their behalf to get along with the IRD management.

This communication helps clients know that the IRD is also attended to when it comes to taking company-wide decisions. The areas we usually assist our clients include:

Tax Disputes
At BHW, we take care of all the processes, starting from risk reviews to adjudication.

We promise to take care of all the negotiation reductions such as abusive tax positions, mitigation of penalties, unacceptable tax position, money interest usage, and late payments, etc.

Tax Submissions
Lastly, we also take full responsibility of tax submissions to the Finance and Expenditure Committee. If you are not sure on how to best deal with the IRD, give us a call today for expert consultancy and advisory services.