Local & International Tax Advice

Tax is a complicated term, its many subtle intricacies making it difficult to comprehend all the ins and outs to the fullest, and if that happens, the penalties incurred may be severe. However, if you decide to make us your financial partners, we will make sure you don’t have to go through all the pain and hassle involved when it comes to technical tax issues.

How we can help

Whether you are in need of expert advice for a single transaction or on an ongoing basis, with our highly skilled professionals committed to your business’ welfare, we would be happy to assist you by providing guidance on the following issues:

Business Expansion
If you looking to expand your business to Australia, we will provide you an appropriate structure to keep those income tax issues and payments to a minimum. BHW can assist you with Australian tax requirements and advice since we have strong connections with many Australian accounting firms.

Off-shore tax management
Not only in Australia, our team of experts ensure that all your tax obligations are taken care of and fully covered when you are operating offshore.

New Start-up Companies
At BHW, we also provide assistance to overseas entities and are planning to base their operations in New Zealand. Since we know, that NZ’s tax system is not in effect overseas, we offer such businesses holistic advice on the local tax systems and services.