Accounting Software

Fed up of your existing accounting system that fails to provide up to the mark information on how well you are performing? Is it not providing the reports you expected to comprehend your business position? Or maybe it is time you migrated to a much newer and updated system? Whatever your needs are, let us help you achieve the best you can.

How we can help

At BHW, expect nothing less than a smooth transition from your current accounting software. With our highly qualified and skilled IT professionals, we will ensure that the transition from one system to another will be so seamless that you hardly notice any change or fall prey to any conversion-related stress.

But that’s not all we do; we won’t just install new software and expect you to learn it on our own. Our experienced team will provide one-on-one training, so you have all the information and guidelines on how to master your new system.

At BHW, we offer a number of accounting software packages which include:

  • Xero

  • MYOB

  • Moneyworks

  • Netsuite

So if you are considering altering your present accounting software and are indecisive of what will suit your business best, contact us today for a consultation to switch to a different system while ensuring the smoothest transition.