Governance & Advisory Boards

Is good governance crucial for my business, you ask?

Yes, it is.

Good Governance is and will always be the cornerstone for any business’ growth and success.

At BHW, we have been involved with enterprises that have been countering issues such as “Where should the board of directors focus their time on?”, “How the 3 to 5-year plan will be implemented, monitored and achieved?” or broader issues like “What is the best structure for my organisation?” We provide advisory services to companies facing growth issues through advisory board engagement.

Our advisory board consists of specialists and proficient advisors with extensive experience dealing with governance issues across a diverse array of industries. Advisory boards have no veto power, being solely a platform for healthy discussions to facilitate the management enhance the decision-making process. Since the advisory board has no vested interest in the company directly, they offer unbiased solutions and help achieve commercial goals with equal profits for all stakeholders in mind.

How can we help

Right now, you may not feel the need for an advisory board, but with the growing competition, you need to make better decisions starting today onwards to ensure strong leadership in the future.

  • Optimally utilized, an advisory board can serve as an excellent management tool.

  • Fostering independent thought and facilitating unbiased debate within a formal setting, business owners can easily share sensitive details and information for the success of the business.

  • Our team of advisory members also provides the much-needed knowledge, understanding of complementary skills, and of course, years of experience, to provide beneficial, well-researched judgment.